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$36 for 400 capsules*
Includes s/h within the US.   
Outside US, add $9 shipping.

Our gelatin capsules are Pharmaceutical-grade
and derived from bovine raw materials sourced
from BSE-free countries. They are 100% HIDE
gelatin derived from the skin and are both
Kosher and Halal certified and inspected.

Midwife Special!!!
Save $30 each when you buy
5 packages at one time, only $150 or $30 ea.
(includes shipping within US)

Midwives, please email to request informational client hand-outs.

Polly Block, a midwife, writes in her book
Polly's Birth Book--Obstetrics for the Home *:

* "We have found the Polly-Jean Formula--an herbal combination that gravidas begin taking five weeks prior to anticipated date of delivery--to be a boon to the home birth movement. It assists in the following ways:
  • Much easier labor and delivery.
  • Longer and easier labors for women who tend to have precipitous births.
  • Shorter and easier labors for women who tend to have long labors.
  • Bigger dilation before discomfort arises.
  • Minimization of postpartum bleeding when taken in conjunction with the "Good Program"         (the "Good Program" is spelled out in Polly's Birth Book).
  • Shorter periods before lochia stops.

Other formulas on the market have helped many mothers, but over the years midwives have found that these formulas did not assist enough in preventing hemorrhage in women with borderline anemia, the Rh-negative factor, and other conditions. We found that when pennyroyal was included in the formula, bleeding continued to be heavier than it should be. We also found that black cohosh seemed to increase the normally stepped up production of estrogen, adding to the hemorrhage problem. Jeannne Johnson and I eliminated both these herbs when we developed our formula.

Midwives who recommend this formula for use have frequently reported only 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons of bleeding with the placenta separation in normal deliveries. Even in problem deliveries, only to cup blood loss (considered normal) was reported. If these assessments are correct, the results of the Formula are phenomenal." (pgs. 155-156)

Some reviews from satisfied users:

"Dear Charity,

Over three years ago, I found out that I was expecting my fourth child. My previous midwife had advised me not to have any more children due to extremely long labors accompanied by excessive blood loss/hemorrhaging. Through research and prayer, I found the PollyJean Formula and ordered it. By that time, I knew I was expecting TWINS and the stakes were even higher, as multiple births have bleeding problems due to the overly stretched uterus.

Because my presenting twin was breech, my midwife's back up doctor insisted that I have a C-section. Every doctor that I consulted said the same thing. Finally, at the suggestion of the back-up doctor, I met with one of her Professors at UF Shands teaching hospital in Jacksonville (they also have one in Gainesville). He was known as a breech expert. To make a long story short, I ended up delivering the twins in the operating room at Shands Hospital on a narrow metal gurney, feet in stirrups, bright lights and about 20 medical professionals looking on - it was the most amazing birth experience of my life.

The twins were two days late when I went into labor naturally. We woke up the children, dropped them off at friends, and headed for the hospital. By the time I got there, I was already 10 cms!!!!! We had to WAIT for the doctor to arrive, so I cannot put a proper time on my labor. From the time my water broke to the time I was checked at the hospital was only a few hours. The whole process, from start to finish, was less than 5 hours!!! (Pretty amazing, considering my last labor was about three days, followed by the usual heavy blood loss.)

The breech delivery went without a hitch. In fact it was EASY. My doctor was AMAZED at my lack of blood loss and asked me what I ate during pregnancy. (I had only been seeing him for a few weeks, so had not told him about my regime.) I told him about the Polly Jean Formula and he wanted to know everything in it. He said in all his years of teaching and practice, he had never seen such little blood loss in a twin pregnancy. Not to mention the fact that I was carrying 15 pounds of baby!!!

In short, I cannot say enough about the Polly Jean Formula and recommend it to all my pregnant friends. I thank God that I found it and truly consider it an answer to prayer. I look forward to using it again, now that I am expecting Blessing #6, a precious boy, due February 9.

Thanks are not enough to express my gratitude to you for making it available.

Gratefully, Laura"

"Polly's formula was a fantastic supplement for my home birth. I was amazed at how I gave birth so easily in less than three hours!" Marie, with baby #5
"Wow! This was the fastest labor of my 6 births! I usually labor for at least 10+ hours, but this time I had him in under 4! I could really tell the frequent Braxton Hicks contractions were helping to get things ready. I will definitely be using your herb formula again if we have another baby." Leslie
"I had an awesome labor and birth- hardly any bleeding at all, where, with my other births, I have lost too much blood. Even my recovery was very quick and easy." Sarah
"Recently I was introduced to your herb formula by a client. She told me she was using it, but I didn't really put all that much stock into the claims (oh, I believe in the benefits of herbs and such and even used RRL tea for some of my own pregnancies, just some of the claims seemed a bit stretched). I have served as midwife for this client at 2 previous births and know her to labor long and hard with too much blood loss at the end. This labor was so different, though! She labored very efficiently and the baby was born in under 5 hours, start to finish. She had minimal blood loss and was up and about very quickly. I am just VERY impressed and can see that it really does live up to the claims. I will be recommending it to my clients from now on (can I get a referral fee for that - lol - just kidding!)." Carrie
"I recently gave birth to our fifth baby. I have a history of long, slow labors. During past pregnancies, I've taken red raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil, and once an herbal formula similar to PJ's, all with an aim to preparing my uterus and cervix for labor. The results were nonexistent to mild at best. I'd either have no Braxton-Hicks contractions at all (that I could feel), or mild ones that petered out a week or two before birth. My non-induced labors were long and dragged-out, with several days of prodromal labor before "the main event". This time was different! I took the recommended final-month regimen of PJ's and had 4.5 weeks of very strong Braxton-Hicks contractions. It really felt like they were "doing something" for a change. Labor was quick and efficient, and we had a wonderful, easy birth. PJ's is an exceptional product, and if we are blessed with another baby, I definitely plan to order it again. Thanks, Charity, for making PJ's available to your customers!" - Kathleen

 The Polly-Jean Five-Week Antenatal Formula contains the following herbs:                                         
         • squawvine  • blue cohosh
         • blessed thistle  • red raspberry leaf
         • false unicorn  • motherwort
         • wild ginger  • lobelia
         • wild yam  • bayberry root bark

This product is 400 capsules, which is a full 5+ week supply, depending on the quantity doseage you choose to take. Similar products are sold in bottles of 100-150 capsules and do not tell you that one bottle is not enough for a full 5 week course, so you end up needing to order more, possibly getting them too late. Your purchase of Polly Jean 5-Week Antenatal Formula covers your entire prenatal need.

Polly further writes on page 156:*
"Six to nine capsules a day are recommended. It is recommended that dosages begin the FIRST week (five weeks before due date) with two capsules in the morning and two nightly, before meals. Increase the SECOND week (four weeks antenatally) to two capsules, three times a day.  Increase the THIRD and FOURTH weeks up to about three or four capsules, three times a day, according to individual tolerance levels. Maintain this dosage until delivery. The formula can also be used a week to ten days postpartum advantageously."

I have been in email contact with Polly and she said I should include the following information: "The Polly-Jean Fivne-Week Antenatal Formula tends to create a balance in the stepped-up hormones toward the end of pregnancy.  Over the years women have reported that they have found no better 'female corrective' than the Polly-Jean formula, pregnant or not."

NOTICE - Please be aware that we manufacture this product in our home, it is not something we just purchase and resell.  While we try to keep plenty of stock on hand, orders can be delayed at times, possibly up to 3 weeks even, due to unforseen circumstances with our suppliers and shippers, especially when we have an unexpected rush of orders.  It would be best, if at all possible, to order before your 32nd week.  I do my best to get orders packaged and shipped as soon as possible, but we do include an alternate schedule to use if you must start a little late.

Due to a household with small children (who tend to get louder when mom gets on the phone), I prefer to correspond via email. If you have questions regarding your purchase, please email me at [email protected] - I try to respond within 24 hours, but please be patient. As of September, 2012, I will be attending nursing school full-time, in addition to being a wife, mom, and small business owner. Things will be super busy, but I plan to continue shipping orders out at least twice a week.

 $36 for 400 capsules- includes s/h.

For orders within US - $36 each

For orders outside US - $45 each (includes $9 international postage)


The Midwife Special
5 packs - $150
Includes shipping within the US only (please inquire about additional
postage required for orders
shipping outside the US)

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More about Polly Block:

Polly Block is a widely known and highly respected midwife. Midwives from all
over the United States frequently seek her counsel, because of her broad experience
with special birthing techniques. She was invited by a scholar from a national
foundation to assist in research on birthing customs in different cultures. Home
obligations prevented her from accepting this honor.

Her special interest has been the effect of herbs on pregnancy, labor, and delivery of birthing mothers. She has also developed an extensive home nursing file, which stresses diet, massage therapy, natural food supplements, and advanced first aid techniques as the basis for preventive health care and home preparedness. She has often been invited to share her data with leading researchers and practioners in the field of home birth.

Polly has been an active lecturer on the various techniques and procedures of home delivery. She lectured at a seminar for nurses and midwives at Idaho State University.

And of course Polly has observed medical doctors and naturopathic physicians in the delivery of hundreds of babies.

A native of Texas, Polly now makes her home in American Fork, Utah. Polly’s efforts now focus on writing.

* Polly's Birth Book- Obstetrics for the Home by Polly Block.
Published by HearthSpun Publishers
ISBN: 1-57636-019-9
1984 by Mattie Eula Webb Block

I highly recommend Polly's Birth Book. It is a wonderful resource for for preparing for homebirth (especially unassisted childbirth), or for those interested in learning more about how the birth process works. It was written as a study manual for midwives, but, by using layman's terms, Polly made it very easy for the average reader to understand. There are 533 pages of text and 71 detailed illustrations. Polly's Birth Book is in print again and is available at PollysBirthBook.com - click link to visit the site.

*NOTICE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Please, do your own investigation about the use of herbs during pregnancy. Claims you see here and any other place you may have heard about this product are all from the individual users and are not indicative of how the product will work for you and your body. By purchasing and using these herbs, you accept all risks for any outcome.



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