Unassisted Birth            Stories


April- Two hospital births, then an unplanned, unassisted home birth.

Dawn - Planned an unassisted birth, but transferred to the hospital for delivery.  

Ann - Nine births. An unassisted homebirth after four c-sections and three midwife-attended homebirths, then a transported UC. Long, five parts.

Mary Jo - First unassisted home birth, after three hospital births.

Charity - Seven unassisted births after two hospital births.

Shannon - Two unassisted home births after three hospital births.

Cindy - A reversal baby. A surprise, unassisted homebirth, thirteen years after fourth hospital birth.

Melissa - Third unassisted birth, after one hospital birth of twins.

Karen - Tenth baby, third unassisted home birth.

Patricia -Fourth baby - a planned unassisted homebirth.

Tracie - Sixth baby, second UC. A BIG GIRL!!

Marie -Third baby, first unassisted.

Cathi Third baby, first unassisted.

Courtenay- Fourth baby.

Madelyn - One hospital birth, then a solo (alone) unassisted birth.

Joy - doula assisted homebirth

Saunya - 3rd baby - first UC

Wendy -  tubal reversal baby

Kendra -  4th birth an unexpected UC - midwife didn't make it in time!

Serena -  2nd UC



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